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Did you know that a laptop battery charges faster when it is in airplane mode?

When your laptop is in airplane mode it means that many features, like your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disabled. This lowers the battery usage and allows it to charge faster.

SPEEDTEST - A useful tool to check out your internet speed (opens in new tab/window)
Colour Picker - A Simple HEX Code Generator
Keyboard Shortcuts - Some handy shortcuts to help you with your daily tasks
Keyboard Alt Codes - Keyboard shortcuts used to insert a special character or shape
WIN10 Help
WIN10 Upgrade - What you need to know before upgrading to Windows 10
WIN 10 Installation and Upgrade Errors - Some of the more common issues associated with Windows 10 upgrades
Adjusting your Virtual Memory - How to adjust your computers virtual memory in Windows
Speed Up Your PC - Some handy tips to help speed up your computer and improve performance.
Email Help
Fix WIN10 Mail App - If your having issues with your Windows 10 mail app then check out this article here
MAC Help
Resetting the EFI on a MAC - How to Reset the EFI on a MAC
MSA Reports
IT Scams - A quick overview of some of the latest IT scams and tips on how to avoid getting caught out
Ebay Drive Scam - Take a look at what we found when we examined a 1tb external hard-drive bought on ebay
Data Recovery Scam - Don't get caught out by these data recovery scammers
Facebook Phishing Scam - Fake facebook login page designed to steal your account



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