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Ebay External Hard Drive Scam

Everything in the ordering process and the item description is pictured and worded so that you believe that you are buying a genuine storage device

This seller ships from the UK and has a genuine GB VAT number. However, when I made the complaint via ebays resolution centre it was answered from someone based outside the UK.


Their first reply was to tell me to reformat the drive to exFAT

Then they offered me a £10 refund, which I refused.

Then they offered me a £20 refund, which I again refused

Then they offered me a full refund and said I could keep the drive but only if I agreed not to leave negative feedback, at that point I was unaware of the scam and genuinely thought that I had a faulty drive, so I agreed.

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Once I recieved the refund I looked at the drive again, thinking I could use the casing and mount another 2.5” drive into it, I was also curious (being a computer engineer) as to why the existing drive had failed.

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It was only when I opened the casing and seen that there was no wiring on the power side and of course the big lump of metal that I realised that this was a scam.

If you think that you have recieved one of these fake drives you can unclip the smaller section of the cover and look inside the drive, you will be able to see whats inside the casing, if it doesnt contain a drive then you should contact the seller to get a refund, if they try to fob you off with a partial refund ask them for the full amount including postage, if they refuse, then you can raise a case in the resolution centre and ask ebay to get the money back for you.

The sad part is that most buyers will simply accept that the drive has gone faulty and do nothing, those that do raise a complaint may even accept the sellers explanation and agree to a partial refund, losing most of their money.

There will also be many who have bought these for their kids Playstations and X-Boxes for Christmas, and unfortunately by the time they realise that the drive doesn't work they will have run out of time to raise a complaint with the seller. 

I am not saying that the seller was aware that this was a scam as I genuinely don’t know

But one thing that I am sure of is that Ebay needs to act now, and remove all these listings before hundreds of people are scammed and lose their hard earned money


I have been in touch with ebay, suprisingly they refused to take any information from me, and when I asked them why they didnt want the information, they said that they had their own system for dealing with complaints and they assured me that it would be looked into. To date no products have been removed, so I guess looking into it meant that they weighed up the complaints against the revenue generated and have decided in favour of the revenue and are allowing the sellers to continue to list these fake items. The matter has also been passed onto Trading Standards for further investigation.

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