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About us

In 1988 I got a new computer delivered to my office, but despite getting some training on how to work it, I still had to rely on others to help operate it, the problem was that no one quite understood all it could do. I soon realised that these new fangled gadgets were going to be a big thing in business and decided that it was time to learn more about them and how they worked...

So it was back to school and despite some people telling me that I was wasting my time and money because they would never catch on, I enrolled as a mature student and took a college course. Most of the course work was on DOS and a very early version of Windows which was similair to the Mac interface but didnt have as many applications. It was very basic and all it had for business use was a word processor, a spreadsheet and a file manager.

Shortly after completing the course and gaining my degree Microsoft released a new version of Windows and as each new version of Windows was released it meant more studying to keep up with those changes. As well as keeping up with operating system improvements and new software, I also had to keep up with the evolving world of the computer itself, as with new software came new hardware, faster processors, expanding memory and increased storage drives. By todays standards the inner workings of the desktop computer were quite complicated and as technology was advancing fast it was often hard to keep up with all the new hardware devolopments.


In 1994, I started building, upgrading and repairing computers and continue to do so. However, computer specifications are changing fast and if we don't keep up with those changes they will eventually overtake us and leave us behind. The internet has also evolved, with faster connections, more bandwidth, secure servers and huge data centres. Today most people and the majority of companies do their business, shopping and communications online and that in itself has brought problems. We now have hackers, malware, worms, trojans and other cyber threats all trying to steal our data and hard earned cash, thankfully there is online security that is readily available to help combat that, but understanding online security can be a daunting task in itself.


We have now entered a new era in computing with mobile phones, tablets and PC's all interacting with each other. We have Windows 10 with gigabytes of memory, terrabytes of storage and when you add to that the roll out of superfast fibre broadband, it gives us a whole new breed of computers that can process and store data at a rate never seen before.


Here at MSA Data Solutions we have continued to evolve, moving with the times and keeping pace with modern technology. We are happy to pass on this knowledge and experience to our customers and pride ourselves in our personal service and commitment to excellence. 


So whatever info-tech issues you may have, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome them....